High Creative Studio was born in 2012 with a northern Portuguese accent and a clear objective: to care for your brand and make it grow.


It’ been a long time since she surpassed the average life expectancy of ordinary Chinchillas. But our elder is the Niemeyer of the species, she marks her presence with all her joviality herein the agency. She makes the quality control of cookies and nuts and keeps the team’s morale high. And guarantees compliance with hygiene and safety rules at work, encouraging physical exercise – picking her up from under the furniture is not easy at all!
She is our biggest fan and puts us a good mood, at least as much as possible for a chinchilla.


Inês is our CEO and Creative Director. Sweet, she is the owner of a contagious laugh. Inês can foresee the final result of any job, and that is what guarantees that all projects turn out perfect.

When chaos sets in, a superhuman calm descends on her, something that helps to set everything back on track. Nothing knocks her down or takes away her ability to see the positive side — even during a chaotic day. She keeps the team spirit present and in good health and ensures that all elements always give their best.


Faster than his own shadow, Gonçalo is always plugged in! Quick and astute as a fox, he has his heart in his mouth (only the most sensitive ones can take it), but if it’s true that his boundaries are tenuous, it’s also undeniable that the world fits in his chest.

A restless mind that captivates and takes us out of seriousness which gives us joy. His fuel is his passion and willingness to make it happen. It is his secret weapon and with it, he snatches our customers. He treats each brand as if it were his and, with his keen nose, he always finds business opportunities.


Like a good fire sign, Bia has the nature (very easy… cough) of a Leo. Maybe that’s why our Senior Marketing Specialist lives for the summer and long sunny days. As she likes colours, she tries to find the Pantones that best combine creativity with strategy, and that’s what makes her truly happy.
Outside of work, if she’s not sleeping, chances are you’ll find her riding her bike with a glass of gin in her hand. Of course, not both at the same time.


A marketing ace in what concerns strategy, Bárbara takes her first steps in her career with the tenacity that characterizes her. Slightly shy but ferocious to attack work, she is always ready to learn new things.

She is the only member of the team, who does not drink coffee, but still, energy is not something she lacks. She practices karate and loves to travel. Back at the office, she flies through market studies and Google Ads.


Pedro deciphers Google Ads and social networks just like a puzzle, and he is always looking for new ideas. Perfectionist and obstinate, Pedro empowers creativity at the base of his thoughts and fun in his behaviour.

However, when something fails, it’s the “right price sound” that plays. He is always one step ahead because curiosity killed the cat and not digital marketing. Paid ads get ready because he is here to stay. If you hear little noises falling, it’s ad conversions coming down!


Master of web development per excellence, he has a peculiar habit of always having sweets on his table. From Snickers to Portuguese Desserts, sugar is its driving force. We’re just sorry that he does not remember that his colleagues like sweets too, but what can we do?

He likes to create new media for our customers, and he offers innovative communication vehicles that fulfil him.

Conversational and hardworking, he came to change the world of e-commerce forever.


Alexandre arrived slowly, eager to learn. Now, day after day, he is conquering his place in the team. Curious, always in a good mood, Alexandre masters the latest technologies, and he loves to put together projects that are usually reflected in new sites coming out fresh.

At the office, we always see him with Ricardo, like Young Padawan and Obi-Wan. But we think it’s funny when we take a peek at his computer and, in the background, he’s always watching sports — be it football or the Olympics!


From Eastern Europe, with her shy, curious smile, comes Laura. With a sensitivity for photography and an eye for design, she leaves her touch and personality at all the marks she goes through.

She is moved by coffee — in fact, as for the vast majority of the team, that is her fuel — and that’s the secret so that she doesn’t fall asleep and that the brands pass her by. She values team spirit and she is in the heart of the whole team when she shares her sweets with everyone.

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